Jikishinkan Dojo is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to teaching Aikido and Zen meditation that has been serving the community since 1985. The dojo follows the tradition of its founder, Sensei Joseph Jarman, and his teacher, Shihan Fumio Toyoda, late Chief Instructor and Founder of the Aikido Association of America.The name Jikishinkan (“direct mind”) was given to the dojo by Shihan Toyoda, and reflects the dojo’s emphasis on the overlap between Buddhist teaching and Aikido.

After 18 years at 211 Smith Street, the dojo outgrew its space and moved to its current locataion at 316 Dean Street. Aikido practice consists of a variety of empty-hand and weapon techniques which redirect an attacker’s energy in a controlled and compassionate defense. Dojo instructors bring their shared mindset and unique applications to their teaching in an effort to maintain and grow past traditions. Our community consists of diverse students and instructors who help create a welcoming, fun and serious training enviornment.

Zazen creates an opportunity for students to see through the fog of dualism and directly experience the “one-ness” of all things. By learning to calm the endless ripples of our mind, we can see things just as they are. Throw a rock in a lake and the moon will not be reflected clearly; allow the waters to calm and the reflection becomes crystal clear.

Affiliated with The Zenshikai Aikido Association, our Dan (black-belt) tests are recognized by the Aikido Headquarters (Hombu) Dojo.

Jikishikan’s strength can be measured by its students. Since its founding, Jikishinkan has produced four Yodans (4th degree black belts) that are now running their own dojos, five Sandans (3rd degree) and many shodans and nidans (1st and 2nd degree).