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The Way of Harmony - An Interview with Johnson Sensei and Others on Aikido

Dec 18 2012 | By: SethG

Sensei was recently interviewed along with two other Dojo Cho for an article entitled “The Way Of Harmony” by Bianca Swift for the NY Spirit quarterly journal.

If you don’t know much about the martial art Aikido, it might be surprising to hear students describe it as deeply spiritual and grounded in compassion for others. They talk about how it allows people of different backgrounds to come together in a joyful way.

The author poses a series of questions to each Sensei that explore their personal histories and thoughts on Aikido, as well as general history.

NYS: How is “getting into the mind” of an attacker used in Aikido?

SJ: It isn’t. You don’t need to. By eliminating your own ego and totally blending with the attack, you go way beyond just getting into the attacker’s head. In essence you become the attacker and the attacker becomes you.

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