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2012 Youth Aikidopalooza

Dec 11 2012 | By: SethG

​Yanagi Dojo, our fellow ZAA dojo of Norwalk, CT, has been known to throw Aikidopaloozas before. These events bring together instructors and students from different dojo and associations for a day of training and sharing Aikido. This past weekend, Yanagi Dojo held its first Youth Aikidopalooza, and Jikishinkan was proud and excited to participate. Our youth students, instructors, and parents all experienced great training and learning, and had a blast while doing so.

There were four different training sessions led by youth Aikido instructors, including our own, David Gravens Sensei, Glen Matsuda Sensei from Shishinkan Dojo, Aimée Bel Sensei from Zenshinkan Dojo, and Josh Paul Sensei of Aikido of South Brooklyn. There was also an origami session where butterflies and jumping frogs were made by all.

The event was an opportunity for our youth students to work with those of other dojo, to learn from new teachers, and to experience a fun, intense, full-day, four-session Aikido seminar. It also provided an opportunity for David Gravens Sensei to represent Jikishinkan and share his teaching with others. Similarly, our instructors learned from the teaching of other experienced teachers and had the opportunity to share teaching ideas and methodologies with them informally.

Personally, it was exciting to see our students practice, be challenged, thrive, and smile all day—from 9:30 in the morning until the close of the event at 5pm. From all of us who attended and those who could not, we will benefit from the learning brought back to Jikishinkan. Our thanks go to Guilbault Sensei and all of Yanagi Dojo for hosting such a great event. Thank you, also, to all who came to share their spirit, energy, and joy with us.

Please enjoy the following select photos from the event and check out the album on our Facebook page for a few more.

Seth Giammanco

Adult and Youth Instructor, Nidan

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