‚ÄčThe History of Aikido - Nidan Application Essay - AlisonL

Dec 02 2012 | By: AlisonL

In relation to most martial arts, Aikido is new to the world. When exactly Aikido was officially started is a grey area, but I see it as being born in 1925, when a middle-aged martial arts master overcame an armed attacker without force or harm. This experience brought this master to an enlightened, philosophical realization: budo is protection of all things, and ultimately, budo is love. Continue Reading »

What is Shugyo? - Shodan Essay

Jul 04 2012 | By: Ben Rooney

Aikido is a physical and spiritual discipline and Shugyo is the state of mind where those two things are in harmony. Continue Reading »

What is Aikido? - Shodan Essay

Jul 04 2012 | By: Ben Rooney

‚ÄčThe man who founded Aikido once wrote that the Art of Peace, or the philosophy behind his martial art, "is to fulfill that which is lacking." Continue Reading »