Neither Fast nor Slow

Feb 08 2014 | By: Johnson Sensei

Aikido techniques are neither fast nor slow. Continue Reading »

Sever the Edge Between Before and After

Jan 17 2014 | By: Johnson Sensei

Insight into "being present" from Takuan Soho (1573-1645), Rinzai Zen master Continue Reading »

​Peaceful Practice

Dec 15 2012 | By: SethG

A reflection on the importance of practicing peaceful discourse. Continue Reading »

A Personal View of Etiquette in Aikido

Jul 16 2012 | By: Michelle Perreault

I​n Aikido, refining one's spirit, showing respect, and developing awareness are equally important to learning the physical techniques. This part of the practice is not as concrete as the steps we take to learn each waza, however we do have a set of guidelines that have been passed down to us by our Sensei's and Sempai, that provide a foundation for this training. Observing the rules of etiquette helps put us in a more focused mindset, teaches us to appreciate the history of the art, and gives us way to show our respect. Continue Reading »