Tesshu’s State of No Enemy

Jan 01 2016 | By: Stewart Johnson

Tesshu's "Sword of No Sword" cuts away dualistic thinking Continue Reading »

Why practice Aikido?

Aug 14 2015 | By: Stewart Johnson Sensei

"walking undisturbed through life, confident and aware, neither clinging to the past nor anticipating the future" Continue Reading »

The “Thousand Cuts” Practice

Jan 01 2014 | By: Johnson Sensei

An explanation of the significance of practicing "thousand cuts". Continue Reading »

Trial Membership

Sep 16 2013 | By: SethG

We are excited to offer a new Trial Membership for adults interested in experiencing our Dojo and the art of Aikido. Continue Reading »

The Way of Harmony - An Interview with Johnson Sensei and Others on Aikido

Dec 18 2012 | By: SethG

Sensei was recently interviewed along with two other Dojo Cho for an article entitled "The Way Of Harmony" by Bianca Swift for the NY Spirit quarterly journal. Continue Reading »

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