‚ÄčPeaceful Practice

Dec 15 2012 | By: SethG

A reflection on the importance of practicing peaceful discourse. Continue Reading »

2012 Youth Aikidopalooza

Dec 11 2012 | By: SethG

This past weekend, Yanagi Dojo held its first Youth Aikidopalooza, and Jikishinkan was proud and excited to participate. Our youth students, instructors, and parents all experienced great training and learning, and had a blast while doing so. Continue Reading »

‚ÄčThe History of Aikido - Nidan Application Essay - AlisonL

Dec 02 2012 | By: AlisonL

In relation to most martial arts, Aikido is new to the world. When exactly Aikido was officially started is a grey area, but I see it as being born in 1925, when a middle-aged martial arts master overcame an armed attacker without force or harm. This experience brought this master to an enlightened, philosophical realization: budo is protection of all things, and ultimately, budo is love. Continue Reading »

Recent ZAA Promotions and Appointments

Nov 22 2012 | By: Johnson Sensei

I am pleased to announce the following ZAA promotions and appointments Continue Reading »

About Our Emblem

Nov 18 2012 | By: AlisonL

A little backstory on our dojos' emblem. Continue Reading »

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